Cross Word Puzzle

Welcome to this new addition to the Web site. The crossword puzzle is based on the Life and Teachings of Sai Baba of Shirdi. It is hoped that this well known method of mind challenge will keep Baba's thoughts in mind and HIS life in focus as the devotee tries to solve the puzzle. We ourselves being limited in knowledge, seek your forgiveness if there are any errors or ommissions in the puzzle. To see the puzzles, click on the appropriate link below. Puzzle answers are posted periodically. Hope you enjoy this new addition. Please send your feedback or comments by email or filling out the online form.

Puzzle Number Puzzle Format Solution Format
Number 1 PDF or HTML5.0 format PDF or HTML5.0 format
Number 2 PDF or HTML5.0 format
Number 3 PDF or HTML5.0 format
Number 4 PDF or HTML5.0 format
Number 5 PDF or HTML5.0 format
Number 6 PDF or HTML5.0 or Online
Number 7 PDF or HTML5.0 format

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