Life History of Shirdi Sai Baba

(for the first Telugu Edition)

To write the life history of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba is really a bold act. It is because there is none till now who knows fully the greatness of Baba. There will not be one in future also. Our publisher at Shirdi decided to get the Life History of Sai Baba written by me. This was an opportunity given to me by Sai indirectly. I commenced writing on 8 March 1993 sitting in Baba’s house, Dwarakamai, Shirdi. The printing of the first edition started on the Telugu New Year day (Ugadi day) on 24 March 1993. On the same day, Baba made me undertake "Sree Sai Koti Nama Likitha Maha Yagna", at Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh. In this yagna, Baba’s name "Sree Sai" written three crores and fifty lakhs times by the Sai devotees were offered to him at the Sai Dhyan Mandir under construction by Shri Abdul Rahim. The yagna started with a procession and while it was proceeding towards the Sai Dhyan Mandir, the printing of the first edition of the Life History commenced at Secunderabad. After that, the printing was resumed only after 5 April 1993. From that day the writing and printing were done without break and completed on 12 May 1993.

From the time I started writing this book, I had tremendous pressures in my profession. I had to work daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. After coming home at night, I had to continue the writing of this book. To add to this, the Sai pujas and Sai vratams performed in the houses of Sai devotees, on holidays had increased considerably during this period. Some days, I used to feel physically and mentally weak to continue with the writing because of the increase in the Sai puja activities during the day. When I tried to postpone the writing to the next day due to fatigue, Baba punished me by hitting me with a whip. As there was no other alternative, I used to write enough pages sufficient for the next day’s printing and then go to sleep. I can never forget the tests I was subjected to during this period. One one side there was the restless job and on the other side, Baba with his whip. My body became weak and exhausted. I felt sleepy and the mind craved for rest. Whatever might be my state, Baba never left me until I completed the writing of the material required for the next day’s printing. I feared to look at my condition. But, there were a number of leelas and miracles shown to me by him during this period. There were a number of occasions when Baba directed me to write in a particular manner. He has shown me some of his life’s incidents in my dreams. In the last it appeared that the writing was according to Sai Baba’s thinking and not as I desired it to be.

I feared attending office in the day, because of tremendous pressure of work. I also feared going home in the night, because of the punishment Baba would give me. If Baba found my mind going astray, he used the whip. If my mind went after some item, Baba destroyed that item. I had to fully concentrate on writing this book. It was a strange experience, the affectionate punishment given to me by Baba. The more he punished me, the more determination I developed. I felt that I deserved that punishment. I also felt that it was necessary for me. In this way Sai Baba was always present behind me and guided me in my writing. For this I am offering my prostrations to Sai. If he had not been present behind me and guided me, it would not have been possible to write and publish this in only 38 days.

Some Sai devotees may say that after reading this book, that they never read or heard certain matters contained in this book and it is therefore irrelevant . But it is my humble submission that I have incorporated only those matters as conveyed to me by Sai with not even a single item written by imagination or exaggeration. Whatever was conveyed to me by Sai, I have tried to include in this book. When I sat in Dwarakamai on 8 March 1993 and commenced writing this book, I prayed to Baba on the following matters:

(1) I will never approach anyone for material for writing the Life History of Baba. I will not run here and there. Only Baba should convey to me the details of his life story to enable me to write correctly.

(2) Baba should ensure that only the facts that took place during his lifetime, should find place in the present Life History. Untrue and irrelavant matters should find no place.

I sincerely believe that Baba heard my prayer and fulfilled my two wishes completely . In several instances, when I had to write small stories, I have given the moral which has to be learnt, at the end of the story , at the instance of Baba, who induced it in my mind. Till then I did not understand the actual moral in the story. This was purely due to Baba’s grace only. After holding the pen in my mind, I felt that my intellect and mind were no more under my control, but in Baba’s custody. In such strange circumstances, my body was used by Sai to write the Life History and I am always indebted to him.

I fully believe that those who read this Life History with complete devotion, regularly, will derive the corresponding benefits. I request the readers of this book to convey their views and experiences to me.

If the books are published and distributed by voluntary organisations, the cost of the book will be very less. But if the same is done by the commercial establishments, the main consideration will be profit and the sales of the book will depend on the profit. Devotion and business are two separate aspects. Therefore, I have fixed the cost of the book with the permission of Baba . I have no desire to earn money through sales of this book. What is required is "Sai’s Grace" . If it is there, I know there will be more than the required money in the house.

I am placing this book on the Samadhi of Sai Baba at Shirdi and with deep sense of gratitude, I am dedicating this to him for having been with me like a shadow and making me finish this book.

This Life History is that of ‘Yogiraj’ and ‘Rajadhiraj’ Shirdi Sai Baba and all those associated with the production, distribution, sales and transport, etc. of this book and also those who do ‘Parayana' of this book, will have the protection of Sai Baba throughout their lives and this is my prayer to Sai Baba.

Now the devout readers should join with us and in the name of Sai, speak out certain wishes to those devotees who do ‘Parayana’ of the Life History.

1) Let there be complete peace of mind to those who do ‘Parayan' with devotion and sincerity.
2) Let their wishes be fulfilled.
3)Let their sufferings be over.
4)Let Sai Baba be their ‘Sadguru’ and take them in the righteous path.
5)Let the worldly desires be removed from those who frequently do Parayana of the Life History.
6)Let there be peace and happiness for all.
7)Let Sai Baba be bound by the above assurances given by us to the readers.

Camp:Shirdi 01.06.1993(Bakrid) - Ammula Sambasiva Rao

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