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July 13, 2000
Volume 3, Issue 8

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From the Editor's Keyboard...

Sai Vichaar and Shirdi Saibaba web site organization wishes all Sai devotees a blissful Guru Poornima. Please refer to Sai activities section for information on Guru Poornima celebrations in various Sai centers around the world. Devotees from the respective areas and those visiting may remember the venues and participate in the celebrations.

Sai Vichaar would also like to draw your attention to the activities of Saidarbar in Hyderabad, India. Please refer to Sai Activities for more information. Devotees willing to sponsor the poor feeding programs by Saidarbar may contact, and those willing to sponsor the activities of Baba Prayer Center, Chennai, India, may contact Sri Kumar Baba at

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Can we have faith in only one God and in one form?

Humbly yours,

The Editor

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Feature of the Week: Guru Poornima

For the devotees of SHIRIDI SAI BABA, GURU POORNIMA day is very important to be remembered. This is the only function BABA recommended to celebrate for the benefit of the devotees in Shirdi, when HE was physically present. In 1897 when the devotees asked for the permission to celebrate a fair or "URUS", Baba replied in the affirmative. Later, similarly the devotees got the approval from Baba for "SANDAL" procession and "RAMA-NAVAMI" festival to celebrate in Shirdi. But GURU POORNIMA was the only one asked by Baba to celebrate in Shirdi. For every function HE approved, certainly there was some hidden importance. Let us see why Baba wanted this function to be celebrated in Shirdi. We all know that Baba used to sleep in the CHAVADI every other night. In 1908, Baba came from the Chavadi to the Masjid in the morning. At that time the devotees Shama, Tatya kote Patil and Tatya saheb NOOLKAR were waiting for Baba. After some time, Baba asked Shama to call Anna Chinchinikar who was sitting in the Chavadi and inform him (Baba used to call Anna Chinchinikar "old man") to worship the main pillar in front of the DHUNI in Dwarakamai. Shama informed this to Anna Chinchinikar. When he was getting ready for the preparations to worship the main pillar in the Masjid, Baba asked the other devotees to join Anna Chinchinikar in the Puja of the main pillar. Then Shama said, "Deva! Why should we worship the pillar when you are here? We would rather worship your feet than the pillar". Baba didn't accept for the puja of HIS feet. By force finally Baba accepted to worship HIS feet.

Meanwhile Anna Chinchinikar looked at the Panchanga Calendar and was found that it was the "VYASA POORNIMA" day. That was the birth day of "VEDA VYASA" the son of PARASARA Maharshi. Rishi Veda Vyasa has been considered the main pillar for Hindu culture. He established a tradition for the Hindus. He wrote the epic Mahabharata, out of which two gems came out for us. They are VISHNU SAHASRANAMA and the BHAGAVAD GEETA. Still Veda Vyasa was not happy and thinking about the people in this age , KALIYUGA, who are short lived (compared to KRITAYUGA & DWAPARA YUGA the life span is very short in KALIYUGA), could not realize the subtleties of DHARMA and could not read and understand well the SCRIPTURES. So he wrote several PURANAS from the essence of the VEDAS. The Puranas are nothing but the small stories which expound the TRUTH from the VEDAS. Veda Vyasa himself wrote about 18 Puranas out of which SRIMAT MAHABHAGAVAT is very well known. In addition, he also wrote DASAVATARA and propagated all along with Valmeeki Ramayana and Krishna all over India through his disciples. That is the reason why even in small villages in India we can see RAMA and KRISHNA temples. Like this he established a tradition for the Hindus and has been considered the main person for the Hindu Culture. In order to remember Veda Vyasa, all over India they celebrate GURUPUJA on this auspicious FULL MOON day, which is the Birth Day of VEDA VYASA, also called VYASA POORNIMA. So on this day all the people worship their own GURU according to the tradition established by Veda Vyasa. That was the reason BABA of Shirdi asked HIS devotees to worship on that VYASA POORNIMA day. Moreover, the real GURU never says that he is the GURU and asks the people to worship him. So BABA of Shirdi never said in HIS whole life that HE was GOD or GURU. BABA asked the devotees to worship the Main Pillar in front of the DHUNI in the DWARAKAMAI. HE did not ask them to worship HIM. The Main Pillar in a house standing deep in the earth gives the shelter and protection to the people under the house. Similarly, the SADGURU, with his power of meditation or Yogic power, protects all his devotees all the time. So BABA wanted HIS devotees to worship a SADGURU on that GURU POORNIMA day and it was the firm conviction of BABA that approaching and worshipping a realized GURU and keeping the perpetual devotion on him is the real festival of the life.

One week before GURU POORNIMA, reading of GURU CHARITRA is carried out. There is a reason for this CHARITRA parayana before GURU POORNIMA. IF you think about DATTA incarnations, DATTA PARAMPARA, you will get some answers. Why DATTATREYA appeared five times so far when Rama and Krishna were there? In TRETA YUGA, Rama came and killed Ravanasura and in DWAPARA YUGA, Krishna came and destroyed the Kuru Vamsa to establish the DHARMA. It was clearly mentioned in the Puranas about the end or Niryana of Rama and Krishna. But it is nowhere mentioned about the end of DATTATREYA. In DWAPARA YUGA, Krishna said 'Manusyaanaam sahasresu kascid yatati siddhaye' Among thousands of people rarely does one try to attain perfection or realization and also said among those striving and succeeding rarely one does become realized. So out of crores of people we will rarely find a realized GURU. It was said in DWAPARA YUGA when Krishna was on the earth. Now in this deep rooted KALI YUGA as a result of wrong heredity and environment, and due to delusion, illusion, and error, people are extremely extrovert and sense-oriented, it is very difficult to find a realized GURU. Then who would be showing the correct way when there is no God-Realized person is available? Only the realized GURU can understand the Sastras or Scriptures and explain to us properly and lead us to the real spiritual path. But according to KRISHNA , there would be none in this KALI YUGA. For that reason, DATTATREYA first appeared as SRIPADA SRI VALLABHA in 14th century on the earth in KALIYUGA. The second incarnation of DATTATREYA was SRI NRISIMHA SARASWATI in 15th century, the third SRI MANIKYA PRABHU, the fourth SRI AKKALKOT MAHARAJ and the fifth SRI SAI BABA of SHIRDI. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara born to ATHRI MUNI and ANASUYA DEVI as DATTATREYA. That means the God came as GURU. That is the reason in GURUGEETA or during GURUDHYANA we all say 'Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheswaraha'. As it is very difficult to find a realized GURU in this KALI YUGA, DATTATREYA came as GURU.

The important thing one should remember is whether there is DATTA incarnation or not. As long as the creation is there, DATTATREYA would appear as GURU. Even after hundreds of years, DATTA would physically appear. That is the uniqueness about Sri DATTA tradition. In Datta tradition, GURU CHARITRA parayana is very important. We could not do or perform the traditional Manthropasana or Anushtana to DATTATREYA as said in the Upanishad. But it is very easy for everyone to hear (sravana) or PARAYANA (reading) of the story of DATTA Incarnations . In the state of Maharashtra, there are so many great people , who are God- realized after doing parayana of GURU CHARITRA for many years. It is the habit of the Maharashtra people to do Nitya Parayana of GURU CHARITRA at every house. May be, that is the reason, except SRIPADA SRI VALLABHA, other four incarnations of DATTATREYA appeared in the state of Maharashtra only. How fortunate they are! SRI SAI BABA of Shirdi, particularly gave special importance to the Parayana of GURUCHARITRA. He made one devotee, Kusa Bau, to read one parayana in three days for 108 times. The CHARITRA parayana would not only destroy all the sins, but also help winning the grace of the SADGURU. Baba HIMSELF told us to read GURU CHARITRA. So we have to think about it very carefully. BABA knew Quran, Vedas, Sastras, and all traditions. HE suggested to read GURU CHARITRA. So the importance of CHARITRA parayana should not be underestimated. BABA showed the greatness of the CHARITRA parayana through the devotee Kusa Bau and told us to read GURU CHARITRA and the only function was asked by BABA to celebrate in Shirdi was the GURU POORNIMA function. In front of BABA , according to HIS call , on this GURU POORNIMA day , let us do the parayana of GURU CHARITRA and worship our SADGURU SRI SAINATH MAHARAJ of Shirdi. Bow to SRI SAINATH MAHARAJ (A Contribution by Nagabhushanam Koneru, Sri Sai Samsthan U.S.A, Chicago)
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Devotees Say

MRK, Phoenix, AZ, USA
On prayer and meditation Swamy did contribute a very nice exposition. Prayer is an address to GOD in word or thought another definition is an earnest request or wish to Him. Meditation is contemplation. Prayer is a generic term that includes any relationship to God. So a belief in the existence of God embodied in a Guru or otherwise is of paramount importance. Once you realize one's own limited capacity to achieve a result and approach God without form, with form like idol or guru, it becomes a prayer. who does prayer? one who desires a result that he could not achieve. these desires are various like curing of disease getting money getting peace etc. then comes by what method does one pray. Bhagavadgita mentions the four paths karma yoga, bhakti yoga gnana yoga and yoga of birth control. one may do japa, repeat mantra, do dhyana etc. one of these processes is meditation. meditation can be done by various ways. one of them is controlling breath. The chief exposition is found in Patanjali yoga sutra. WE HAVE our instruments of work -hands eyes ears etc. Japa is performed by using these external instruments. Puja is one of those. Repeating GODS NAME IS ANOTHER. CONTEMPATING ON HIM IS the THIRD. Nine methods of serving God are indicated like being a servant to him then becoming a friend and finally becoming himself. It is said of Jesus Christ that he was servant of god, then became his son and finally became one with god. What are the instruments available for man to do any one of them? His body ,mind and breath. It is said body consists of five sheaths -simply physical, subtle, super subtle, complete subtle and finally everything or nothing. These are also described as sthula, sushma, karana and turiya stages. TO UNDERSTAND we are told we have three different states comparable to jagrat-waking state, swapna -dream state where our mind works but body rests and sushupti-deep sleep where your mind does not function. Taking advantage of the body, mind and breath of ours, we have to act at reaching God. In recent times we have examples of three great saints- Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, AUROBINDO and Ramana maharshi. Ramakrishna being a priest in temple of Kali worshipped her and became her. He had KALI all the time before him. He was taught all types of religions and various methods of reaching reality and practised them but by his full surrender saranagati to Kali he told Vivekananda that he saw God as he was seeing him. Aurobindo practiced and taught integral yoga. According to him reaching reality is a nearly step but the real yoga should be for bringing down supra-mental consciousness to the level of physical level. He also seems to say that meditating for your own self realization is selfish and yoga should be for the quickening of evolutionary process of humanity becoming super men. Ramana MAHARSHI AT 16th year absorbed into himself by contemplating death in his own body. His method was called vichara marga. According to this method, one has question himself who am I ? are you the body or mind or I? when we say I what do you mean the body, the mind or what. by thus questioning and finding out who you are you will reach god. Patanjali yoga sutras deal with control of breath and reaching reality. there are eight practices to be adopted. Externally yama, niyama, asana, pranayama and pratyahara, and internally dharana, dhyana and samadhi.

Venu, Chicago, USA
Hello, I am a devotee of Sri Saibaba. and the work you people are doing in showing way to millions of people, and giving hope to so many and touching so many peoples hearts is simply awesome. Every Thursday the first thing I do is read the email Sai Vichar, and I feel I missed out something if I donít read due to some problem. Saivichar gives me a lot of information to think and as I read it I feel that the words are from Sai itself. Thanks again.

Kumar Kannan
Dear devotee your article was very inspiring. Every word resonates our thought process. When I was reading this article, I suddenly realized that it was like this - If there is a cold virus it will be in the air, every one who comes in contact will get the germs, but one who is strong will never feel or realize they have a cold because the strength does away with a common cold. and again some may get a severe cold and be unable to fight it internally and would need medication to feel better-. So also as we concentrate on our goal as god other things that come our way would not be able to penetrate our mental strength and weaken us. and thereby we progress spiritually. As Humans we do get emotional when we see our near and dear suffer, we can only pray that we understand how to help them and be compassionate and understanding to them and be with them to provide support.

Jayanthi, Singapore
OM SAI RAM, This is for Sriram Rachkonda of Singapore, SAI RAM temple is in Middle road in Singapore. BABA fulfilled my wish by giving me vibhuthi which is directly from HIS picture. I too was in search of SAI RAM"S temple in Singapore and to my surprise I found the way from a taxi driver who is a strong devotee of SAI RAM. Today we visit BABA"S mandir regularly thanks to Mr. Tay. I'm glad that I can now show devotees the way to SAI RAM temple in Singapore. My email ID is

Pestonjee, D.M., Jaipur
There is a Sai Baba Temple in Jaipur. The address is: K.C.BAKIWALA SHIRIDI SAI BABA SANSTHAN 26-A, CHETAK MARG, JAIPUR - 302 004. TEL: Jaipur -49634

A Sai devotee
This is in response to Darshan's doubts regarding prayer, arising from S. V. Swamy's message in the last issue of Sai Vichar. Ravin Gnanasambandham has gone to the very heart of the matter when he says that spiritual truths are most often beyond the grasp of our intellect; they are not "computable", to use mathematical terminology. Ultimately, whether praying for someone else harms our spiritual pursuit or not depends on the attitude with which it is done: if I pose (whether externally or in my own mind) as a great Bhakta and a spiritually advanced being whose prayers get priority hearing in God's court and hence I am interceding for the other person, then definitely this is a wrong attitude; it is my ego that is making me do the prayer. But prayers made with full acceptance of God's wisdom, leaving the final outcome in God's hands, will only enhance one's humility, patience and faith.
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Prayer Club

Karthikeyan, Sydney, Australia
My friend Kumarís son Krishna (we call him Roshan) has been in coma for nearly 9 years in Australia. The young boy is about 14 years old and has been in this condition since he was 6 years old. Despite being in an advanced country there seems to be no cure for his illness and my friend had given up hope on doctors and GOD. May I request all of Sai devotees to please pray for the quick recovery of Roshan. I have told my friend that Sai will definitely help him.

Anand Turaga
Om Sai Baba, My sister Surya is very seriously ill with a rare brain disease for which there is no cure. Hence my sister is mentally and physically (completely bed ridden) helpless. My parents are taking care of Surya and her 2 little sons, as her husband ditched her 6 years back after harassing her and kids. Baba please help Surya and give my parents, and all of us the strength to take care of this difficult situation.

Dear Swami Sai Baba Om Sai Ram Please can you make my Mom better as she is still not 100% - please give her courage and strength and keep her well. Tomorrow she is leaving from my home and I want you to bless her and take her safely and without any problems back to Harare. She deserves a very good life - she has always been a very special person and has never hurt a fly.

Balasubramanian Ramadasan
I am having problems in my life. I do know everybody had problems in life. So nothing special. I am just 24 yr. old and in the IT field. I want to marry a girl whom I love and both of us want to start a new life together. but there is a guy who is at the back of the girl and disturbing us more and more.... my parents know and their parents also know but I need time to marry her as I have to settle my responsibilities as a son and as a brother only then I can also be happy in my life.... this guy threatens me of my life and even the girls life I donít know what more to say but just ask you all to pray that we both get united and settled down in life. Please do pray for us.

M.R. Ramchander
I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I am leading a very simple and a pious life. I have been doing good only to people. I never thought of harming anybody knowingly or unknowingly. For the past one year I am facing lot of financial losses caused by people, whom I have helped . I am heartbroken and think of ending my life. But I am told and aware that is not the solution. I can't take this extreme step, because I have son of 7 years. I really feel for him.. But all sorts of things come in to my mind. Kindly pray for our welfare.
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Sai Activities

Sai Baba mandir, Chandigarh, India
Sai mandir in Chandigarh, India is in near completion stage. This is a humble request to all USA based SAI devotees to contribute to SHIRDI SAI SAMAJ(REGD.)Chandigarh, India. For more information, please contact :
Sunil Arora
101 Breezy Hill Road
Stamford, CT 06903, USA.
Ph-203-358-9562 Extn.103 (Day)

Guru Purnima Celebrations, New Jersey, USA
Sai Darbar {New Jersey) Saimaa foundation (USA) Inc. Will be celebrating Guru Purnima on Sunday, the July 16, 2000 at Clinton Manor Banquet hall between 5.00pm to
Program as follows :
5.00 PM to 5.30 PM------- Ganesh stuti & Abhisek
5.30 PM to 7.30 PM------- Bhajans
7.30 PM to 8.00 PM------- Sai palki and Aarti
8.00 PM Mahaprasad
Place; Clinton manor banquet hall, 2735. Rt.22-West union, New Jersey 07083
Telephone 908-686-7214 For further information contact Narendra Dave at the above number.

Viswa Sai Darbar
Pranams to all Saibandhus, We are eager to put forth some of the new developments that have taken place. It gives us pleasure to inform all of you about the inaugural of "VISWA SAI DARBAR " on the auspicious occasion of GURUPURNIMA (16-07-2000) with the Blessings of Lord Sainath. The following local chapters of SAIDARBAR will become operational and commence to function under the guidance of VISWA SAI DARBAR. 1.Saidarbar HYDERABAD 2.Saidarbar LONDON 3.Saidarbar CANBERRA 4.Saidarbar ORLANDO 5.Saidarbar BATTIMORE The main idea behind this purpose is to recall, create and feel the participation of Saibandhus in Darbar that used to be conducted by our Beloved BABA every week on Sundays. VISWASAIDARBAR is being introduced in line with that tradition so that we can refresh our memories with the glorious yester years of SRI SHIRIDI SAI BABA. All SAI devotees living across the globe can follow this practice at their respective places by forming SAIDARBAR and conducting SATSANGHS to be Blessed and to win HIS divine Grace. We wish to make amply clear that there are no financial commitments/implications of what so ever involved. It is purely a spiritual and social activity. Those of you who desire to have more information may please contact

Guru Poornima, Sai Darbar, Orlando, FL
By the grace and blessings of Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, Orlando Charter of Sai Darbar will start functioning from July 16th 2000, Guru Poornima day. The major activities of this charter of Sai Darbar of Orlando, is to spread SAI Philosophy by prayers and bhajans. To start with the members will organize pooja and bhajans to foster Sai 's Principles. All suggestions for Satsangs are welcome. On 16th July 2000, the charter will start with Ganesh Pooja, followed by Bhajans and Arathi. Venue: 5230 Conareef Ct, Orlando, FL-32810 Time :16.00 hrs. Please contact Sridhar Rangaswamy at for further details.

Guru Poornima, Sai Darbar, Canberra, Australia
With the blessings of Sri Saibaba, Saidarbar Canberra is starting on 16th of July. I would be delighted to have your presence here in Australia with us as nothing goes on without your good wishes and support. So even if you cannot physically attend this, I pray you to be spiritually present here with us and make this occasion a success and invoke Babaís blessings. Sai be with us in all our endeavors. For more information on Sai Activities in Canberra, Australia, please contact or write to Anitha Kandukuri at

Guru Poornima, The Shirdi Sai Centre, Flushing, New York.
Gurupoornima Day Celebrations : Schedule
7.30 AM to 8.00 AM Sri Sai Suprabhatham
8.00 AM to 8.30 AM Prabhatha pooja and Archana
8.30 AM to 9.00 AM Kakad Arathi
9.30 AM to 12.30PM Maha Ganapathi Abhishek, Sainatha Maha Abhisheka Pooja
11.30 AM to 1.30 PM Special Bhajans
1.30 PM Mantrapushpa and Mahamangala Arathi, followed by flower offerings to Baba's Padhuka and Prasada Viniyoga
3.00 PM to 5.00 PM Sri Sainama Japa
5.00 PM to 6.30 PM Sri Sai Satcharita Parayan
6.30 PM to 7.00 PM Dhoop Arathi
7.00 PM to 8.30 PM Sri Sainama Japa
8.30 PM Sheja Arathi followed by flower offerings to Baba's Padhuka by devotees and Prasada Viniyoga.
Generous donations and contributions are requested from all devotees on this Grand Occasion. For Puja Sponsorship and other details please contact Dr. Rao at 718 321 9243. Please join us at the mandir on this holy day.

The program for Gurupurnima celebrations of Sai Samsthan USA, Chicago is as follows:
4:08 PM Guru Prarthana, Anugnya & Aavahana
4:30 PM Sri Datta Homam
6:00 PM Dhoop Aarti
6:30 PM Ekadasa Phala Rasa, Abhishek
8:00 PM Sri Sai Ashtothara Puja, Bhajans & Kirthans
9:30PM Shej Aarti
10:00PM Mahaprasad
Venue: 11313 Katherine's Crossing, Lemont, IL. For more information, please visit

Baba Prayer Center, Chennai, India - GURUPURNIMA SUNDAY,JULY 16, 2000
For further information please visit their web site at
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Experiences of Devotees

Bhagavathula Narsimha Murthy, Hyderabad, India
SAI KRUPA Sri Ambatipudi Ramachandra Sarma Garu ,Aged 78 was my teacher, guide and philosopher. He was an exponent in Carnatic music and a Vedic scholar. He spent his whole life teaching classical music and practicing Brahma Vidya. He was an Apara Parigrahi throughout his life that is he never accepted any alms and gifts from any person ,and also never kept food materials more than required for the day or two. He had such great faith in the Almighty and never thought of future requirements or past and present deficiency. He was a simple ,cheerful and pious person. I observed always as Nitya Santhusti and Nitya Annandi. He had great respect and reverence for Shiridi Sai whom he treated him as a Brahma Rishi always. He used to explain me how SaiBaba practiced pure Advaitic Philosophy and his Adi Brahma qualities. Sri Sarma Garu left his body in the early January 2000 and left me ,his wife and daughter in deep shock. After this , one day I discussed this problem of my late teacher's family with Saibanisa of and to render help to them. Saibanisa felt that such pious and needy family should be helped and held Lord Sai shall to their rescue and prayed for help. To my surprise within two days there was a message from Sri Vijayanand K.P. of U.A.E to Saibanisa that he was willing to spend some amount for a good cause. With Sai's Grace and Saibandhu Vijayanand's good intention , my late teacher's got good succor for few months.
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