If I take one rupee as dakshina from anybody, I will return tenfold to him-Shri Sai Baba


Saibaba.Org announces the start of Initiative to help those helplessly suffering all alone. Read more in the article below. If you can help, plese contact us.

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April 19th, the 9th day of Shukla paksha (waxing moon phase) in the Hindu month of Chaitra, is designated for Sri Ramnavami festival and will be celebrated in Shirdi Sai temples across the world.

Mark your calendars for a day of prayer and service to Shri Sai.

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Due to the sheer volume of Prayer requests received every month, kindly note that Sai Vichaar will not be able to publish them all. Devotees are requested to submit your prayers either using the online Sai vichaar submission form or by email. All prayer requests are printed and offered at the feet of Shri Sainath. If you wish to receive Udhi prasad then you have to fill out the request form at Saibaba.Org or contact us by email.

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Devotees Say:

  • Meenu

    Thank you very much BABA for everything. I am very happy Baba, you are settling my sister in her life.

  • Jagdish

    Some years back when I was jobless, I prayed to Sai that I will post \"thanks to Sai\" in Saivichar once I get the job. Soon I got it and I completely forgot to post. Now again after losing my job I remembered of not fulfilling the promise to post and I am doing it now. My apologies Sai, please get me a job soon again.

  • Sunderlal

    Me and my family have always blessed by sai and in the great time when I was searching for long lasting and respectable job, I felt that Sai was sitting in me and giving me courage to face the interview for overseas job and I am sure that Sai is going to just bless me success in the interview and get our dream job soon.


Devotees Experience:

  • Nitheesh

    Sairam, As Usual like every year we visited Shirdi for Baba's darshan and fortunately this time we got the opportunity to attend all 4 aartis in a day. Rush was as usual and we stayed in Bhaktanivas by online booking.

    On the way back from Shirdi my wife lost her valet containing foreign currencies and her ID card belongs to Oman, which we came to know after crossing Shegaon, which is 6 hours from Shirdi through Manmad. As the purse fell in Sansthan premises, one of the staff from sansthan informed to my parents staying in Muscat as he got the number from that then info pass to us. Thanks to representatives of Sansthan and our friend Prasad from Hotel Swami Madras who help in reaching the same to us in safe condition. It never happen any wrong thing during our stay in Shirdi ever and we were quiet upset with this incident later, which Baba proved his omniscient presence with us.

    Our daughter admission in Indian school Muscat was to be declared (lucky draw for KG1) on the day we were reaching Shirdi and authorities said that we should secure the admission in next two days of declaration which could force us to cancel our Shirdi trip. We were in dilemma about the trip but decided not to cancel the trip, will face the consequence and did not grumble this at home as parents could be in tension. Once we finished the Dhoop aarti and return to home and found the message that she got selected but no clue about date for securing admission we kept saburi till leaving Shirdi and later found in website that we have time upto another 10 days and now she got admission. It is very difficult some time to understand Baba's test on us mostly we fails due to lack of Saburi even our Shraddha is strong.

  • Devotee

    I would like to tell all how SAI listened to my prayers, and continue blessing us. I come from a family of 4. My parents were looking for a spouse for me. They found one good and everything went fine. We were expecting the marriage to get fixed, but suddenly they stopped communication indicating reluctance. We did not have any clue what went wrong. After few tries my parents stopped thinking about it. But I had got hurt and feeling bad about what had happened. I was praying to SAI and asking for his help. I had been to Shirdi for his Darshan. There also I prayed BABA. After few weeks, on one weekend, I had gone for office outing. It was overnight trip. There, in the morning I woke up and heard that SAI bhajan was being sung in the nearby village. The day had started with Sai Naam. That evening, I came back to home and after some time phone rang. To our surprise, that phone was by the same family and they expressed their willingness and invited us. What a miracle. I didn't have words to thank SAI. BABA, Always keep us at your lotus feet & bless all your devotees & us.

  • Latha

    This is only one of many incidents in my life that I would like to share. This happened in 2011. I am staunch devotee of Shri Shiridi Sai Baba. My sibling was trying for a baby for a long time with out any success. I was sincerely praying for them every single day. One day I was driving and at one stop signal, all the traffic was stopped. I just closed my eyes for 2 sec and prayed to Baba to bless my sibling with a baby soon. When I opened my eyes, to my pleasant surprise, I saw a huge truck with a huge picture of a months old baby smiling and lying on the carpet. I wondered how that truck got squeezed in front of me in that short period of time, when I just closed my eyes it was not there!!!! Then I realized that it was only Baba\'s leela to assure me that my wish will come true in near future. I simply got tears in my eyes thinking of Baba\'s leela...After few months I heard the good news that I will be an aunt soon.. I am so happy that my prayers are heard. All you need is Shraddha and Saburi in life....Baba will take care of every thing!


Sai Activites:

Sri Shirdi Sai Temple of Chicago and Suburbs, Hampshire, Illinois, USA:

Sri Shirdi Sai temple is open daily from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m.(Summer hours). Daily program includes Kakad Arathi at 7 a.m. followed by Abhisek. Madhayana Arathi at 12 noon, Dhoop Arathi at 6 p.m. and Shej Arathi at 9 p.m. Archana, Homams, Sahasranama and sponsored poojas continue in between the Arathis. To request a pooja for yourselves, your friends and family, please call. Devotees can request water (Abhishek Jal) from the Holy bathing of Baba by sending us an email or by phone. Temple is located 25 minutes drive west of Schaumburg on intersection of IL Route 47 and Plank Road in Hampshire, IL. For more information please call 847-931-4058 or send email to maildrop@saibaba.org.

Sri Saibaba Mandir, Minneapolis, MN:

Sri Saibaba Mandir is located in Minneapolis, MN at 1835 Polk St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. The mandir is open 7 days a week in the evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and during morning hours from 9 am to 12:30 pm, everyday. Satsangs are conducted every Sunday mornings, 9 am to 12:30 pm. Please call 612-789-7729 for more information on mandir activities, events and other information.

Shirdi Sai Center in Bay Area, CA:

Shirdi Sai Center is located 1221 California Cicle, Milpitas CA 95035. For more information please call 408-705-7904 or 408-564-6704 or email: saibandhu at yahoo dot com


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Sai Vichaar For Thursday, Mar 21 2013

Feature: The Power of Helplessness!

We usually hear people call themselves humble Sai devotees and that they have surrendered themselves to Saibaba. But in real life, one can understand how difficult it is to express the kind of humility that Baba himself showed by example and the struggle that happens in the name of one's surrender to Baba. It is a constant tussle between one's wants and the needs, wanting to have a cake and eat it too! Unless one realizes his own helplessness and the greatness of Baba, it is not possible to even remotely understand what humility or surrender is.

How many can honestly claim that they have reached their goals in life, whether it is their career or other objectives all by themselves without anyone's help? Even if one claims so, how assured are they that they can hold the fort as long as they want? A crash at stock exchange can turn a prince into pauper! Or the news of a terminal illness can be enough to throw one into despair.

When a miracle happens or a wish fulfilled upon prayers to Baba, one should realize the unconditional nature of Baba's help, who exhorts that he will be with us until the end. Even when things do not go the way one wishes, careful observation would reveal that what had happened is ultimately good. One will know that he is not in control of the things, and a strong wish even for apparently a good cause, can still be a wish unfulfilled.

Humility comes naturally when one truly understands his limitations and helplessness, and surrender is experienced as the entrustment of one's life in the hand of Saibaba. And the power of helplessness is realized when one's surrender is understood as loving dependence on Sri Sai's protection, his perennial power and capacity.

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Contributed Article: Spiritual purpose of life

A soul is given free will to exercise it's option of staying close to God during each life time This divine intervention helps to keep the script short and crisp. When the soul has experienced all the human dimensions and realized its own True Nature, the last chapter of Life Note Book is completed and the Life Note Book is finished. Life is in existence not in this body alone. When we die the components of this body mingle with the five tattvas and the soul is released. It is a minuscule part of the eternal form of God. Every embodied being takes birth due to the sum total of their karmic balance of previous births. It enters into the world at birth assuming a body and takes along with it the samskaras when the body dies. These samskaras are carried as the wind carries the fragrance of flowers from place to place during various births. This Atman is our Shining Self and is Eternal. It is said that while attending to the ordained duties/functions that involved in our life, every human being ought to strive to escape from re-births, that is, to attain Liberation. The path of Liberation, say, BrahmaJnana or Self-Realization is as hard as to tread on edge of a razor. For attaining Liberation, Brahma-Jnana or Self-Realization, the human has to surrender five things, namely, (1) Five pranas (Vital forces), (2) Five Senses (five of action and five of perception), (3) Mind, (4) Intellect and (5) Ego. Characteristics for attaining Liberation, say, Brahma-Jnana or Self-Realization, (1) One should have intense desire to get free from Bondage and works earnestly and resolutely to that end and does care for any other thing is eligible for Spiritual life. (2) Virakti or a feeling of disgust with the happenings of this world and the next in order to have right to enter into Spiritual realm. (3) Our senses have been created with a tendency to move outward and so, human beings generally always looks out-side and not in-side. As such, in order to achieve Self-Realization and Immortal life, the human beings must turn the gaze inwards and look to inner-self (introversion). (4) One must turn away from wickedness and keeps the mind at rest in order to gain Self-Realization. (This cannot be achieved even by means of accruing knowledge). (5)The human being must lead a life of Truth, Penance&Insight and celibacy to gain God-Realization. (6) The human being must prefer the Good to the Pleasant to go towards achieving Liberation, Self-Realization. (7) The body is the Chariot, the Self is its Master, Intellect is Charioteer and the Mind is the Reins. The human being must have understanding keeping the mind restrained and controlling the senses like the good horse of a charioteer reaches that place, that is, the State of Self-Realization, (8) The human being has to discharge satisfactorily and disinterestedly the duties in the life for purification of Mind in order to attain Viveka (discrimination between the Unreal and Real) and Vairagya (non-attachment to the Unreal) crop up and lead on to Self-realization. (b) Egoism must be dropped, avarice got rid off and mind be made desire less (Pure) in order to attain Self-realization. (c) Leave off the delusion that the body is ours and attachment to body to reach the goal of Self-realization, and most importantly, (9) Necessity of Sad-Guru. Since the knowledge of the self is so subtle and mystic, the human being has to take the help of a Teacher (Sad-Guru)

(Source: Contributed by Sai devotee LV Subbarao)

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Contributed Article: Help To EndureSM Initiative to help those enduring with hard times alone

Dear Readers,

Pain and suffering come uninvited, and nobody is immune to the perils of bad times. As we all lead our lives under Sri Sai’s benevolent gaze, we endure the hard times with the faith that help comes to us in different shapes and forms.

To illustrate a real situation, imagine the challenges of being an International student away from home.  On top of it imagine the cruel play of fate and being engulfed by a terminal illness with no major health coverage and under a pile of medical bills! Imagine one in prime youth, instead of being a ray of hope and joy to support retired parents, he himself needs support! Enduring all physical, emotional and financial pain, one continues to fight the disease against all odds. Such are the real stories of these Children of Sai  who are trying to survive a day at a time, struck by the dreaded disease like Cancer! Fighting cancer is difficult, prolonged, and expensive. It drains out all the resources one has!

When we see such a dire situation, it pains us, makes us feel thankful for what we have and it motivates us to do something.  When even the best medical care can’t provide cure in such a situation, what it is we can do?  We can Help To EndureSM by sharing our blessings through most generous gift we can give.

Help To EndureSM, raises money to fight cancer, to raise awareness of cancer in the community and help families endure in their fight against cancer; one family at a time.  It is a community-developed event run by volunteers.  All your contributions go towards activities supporting those fighting cancer.

We know there are many more men, women, and children who will seek our – and your – help.  The need is greater than ever. Please send your gift today.  Please spread this message or sign up to volunteer for this cause.

For more information write to Help to EndureSM support team at maildrop(at)saibaba.org

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