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Lord will protect him who possesses faith and patience. ” - Shri Sai Baba


Saibaba.Org announces the start of Initiative to help those helplessly suffering all alone. Read more in the article below.  If you can help, plese contact us.

Upcoming Events:

This week marks the start of Maha Kumbh in Allahabad.  The Kumbh mela, believed to be the largest relgious gathering on earth is held every twelve years on the banks of Sangam - the confluence of holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswathi. 

If you or someone you know is attending the Kumbh mela, then they can also have darshan of  Shri Sai at Shri Sainath camp in Kumbh. 

Mark your calendars for a day of prayer and service to Shri Sai. Share your story and picture with other devotees by clicking here.

Prayer Club:

All Devotees

Please submit your prayers either using the online Sai vichaar submission form or by email. The same will be printed and offered at the feet of Shri Sainath. If you wish to receive Udhi prasad then you have to fill out the request form here. or contact us by email.

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Devotees Say:

  • Sachin Kumar

    Baba I have cleared the interview and got selected for the job Thanks Om sai Ram!!!


Devotees Experience:

  • A devotee

    Dear Baba, This was in 2007 when my brother came to my live with me as he was out of job. I prayed to Sainath to bless him with a job. By Baba\'s grace he got a job and is well settled. Also during the same time I was expecting and I was almost due -full 40 wks and had no signs of delivery. The Doctor told that I might have to be induced and may be a C- section. I prayed to Baba that I want to have a normal delivery. I went to the hospital Sunday night and the doctor told that it would at least be Monday evening for the delivery. It was only a miracle - Baba\'s blessing. I delivered Monday morning a safe and normal delivery. The doctor also was amazed how quick everything went. I tried to submit this article in December 2007 soon after delivery, but somehow at that time it dint go through. Time passed, my son is now 4 years old.


Sai Activites:

Sri Shirdi Sai Temple of Chicago and Suburbs, Hampshire, Illinois, USA:

Sri Shirdi Sai temple is open daily from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m.(Summer hours). Daily program includes Kakad Arathi at 7 a.m. followed by Abhisek. Madhayana Arathi at 12 noon, Dhoop Arathi at 6 p.m. and Shej Arathi at 9 p.m. Archana, Homams, Sahasranama and sponsored poojas continue in between the Arathis. To request a pooja for yourselves, your friends and family, please call. Devotees can request water (Abhishek Jal) from the Holy bathing of Baba by sending us an email or by phone. Temple is located 25 minutes drive west of Schaumburg on intersection of IL Route 47 and Plank Road in Hampshire, IL. For more information please call 847-931-4058 or send email to

Sri Saibaba Mandir, Minneapolis, MN:

Sri Saibaba Mandir is located in Minneapolis, MN at 1835 Polk St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. The mandir is open 7 days a week in the evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and during morning hours from 9 am to 12:30 pm, everyday. Satsangs are conducted every Sunday mornings, 9 am to 12:30 pm. Please call 612-789-7729 for more information on mandir activities, events and other information.


Weekly Question:

  • Q. How should Sai devotees react if their wishes are not fulfilled?

    I will never leave his feet, if he doesn’t fulfill my desire. I will ask him again and again. He will definitely do it for me. If he doesn’t answer, I will take it in a positive way, “that is good for me”. I am sure Sai never leaves us.

  • Q. How should Sai devotees react if their wishes are not fulfilled?

    Jai Sai Ram, There are several experiences where devotee’s prayer has been answered. And sometimes when devotees do not get what he or she is asking for, feeling comes that prayer has not been answered. However, each and every prayer of devotee is answered by Baba provided prayer is done with full faith. And if we do not get what we are wishing then that is a part of bigger play. And that should be best for devotee. A man ought to enjoy whatever God bestows on him in the firm belief, that as He pervades everything, whatever God bestows on him must be good. So the wish what devotee is asking may not be good for him in bigger picture.

  • Q. How should Sai devotees react if their wishes are not fulfilled?

    A devotee
    My humble pranams at the lotus feet of sadguru shree Sai nath. As Sai devotees we should dedicate our lives at the lotus feet of Sai. It is not bad to wish or ask for something from Sai like a child asking from his mother. However we should leave it on our mother Sai to give us whatever she thinks is best for us. One should go on performing their karmas without expecting anything in return. Let Sai decide when to give you and what to give


Sai Vichaar

New Year's Message

We go to the temple, worship Baba, organize jagran of Maa, visit Ganesh temple, Hanuman temple, Shiv temple, offer dakshina to priests, employ remedies against the evil-eye like keeping lime and green chilly, yet, we do not find happiness. Happiness does not come from these. We get emotionally affected by the laughter, anger and talk of others. Until the time we can control our mind, none of the above would be of any use. Visiting temples, music, mantra, worship etc may help only if we can keep our minds in check. Happiness depends not on external conditions but on intrinsic, internal factors.

The external situation creates a reflection in the mind. Why look for weaknesses in others? Why not identify the weaknesses within ourselves? We will not be able to evolve if we keep pointing out the flaws in others and keep getting affected by their actions. Instead of reacting to what someone said and thinking negative thoughts, we should reflect on our own drawbacks and weaknesses. Control your mind and you will gradually identify the weaknesses in yourself. Till we do this, no saint, no God, no deity, nor any elder member of the family can give us happiness.

A child born in a poor man’s house starves for food. Throughout his life this child grows by suffering and enduring hardship. We have never faced the kind of disrespect that a poor man’s child has to face, because we have food to eat, a car at our doorstep, a bank balance for our financial security. All these have been given to us by our father and forefathers. What is our contribution? If despite having received so much we still remain unhappy, then we are ungrateful to God.

Remember that we have not received so much because of our merits but due to the merits and hard work of our parents. Each generation inherits the best of earlier generations. Be grateful to them and reflect on what you are contributing and how you can be sensitive to the needs of others.

Why do people worship Baba and all the other saints? Their human form has gone, but they are still remembered and worshipped. They are not worshipped because they had earned a lot of money. Not also because they belonged to the so called intellectual class or because they have performed miracles. They are worshipped because they were sensitive to the problems of others and felt compassion for them. Most people are extremely conscious of their own sentiments, their own sensitivities but are insensitive to the sensitivities of others. Let us try to be sensitive to the needs of others and behave accordingly. Let us stop unnecessary ritualism and use our God given advantages to reach out to the poor, needy and weaker sections of society and try to relieve their suffering.

We might have read the Sai Satcharitra ten times, read other books, heard sermons from priests so many times, but what is the use of just reading them? Read books, but not superficially. Do not pretend to imbibe bhakti. Going to the temple, all decked up, does not express devotion. Baba had advised Dasganu not to do that. Be natural - the more natural you are, the better. Exhibition of religious fervor is just physical acrobatics. We don’t need acrobatics. We need finer sense to prevail on us to understand the problems of others. We should start from our own home because our home is our ‘peeth’. If we are not sensitive to the needs of those in our homes, for whatever reasons, then there will be no savior for us. Every man is humbled with old age and sees the world in a new way, the way in which he has not seen it during his youth. If this balance has to come as time will make it happen, then why not accept it to the extent possible now and live our lives accordingly?

Guru shakti and Guru sahitya guide us in not taking the difficult path in our quest to evolve. The Guru teaches us through his own experiences, so one will not have to suffer in his path. Let us not condition our mind through whatever we read, see and hear superficially. Read the Sai Satcharitra regularly and concentrate on the divine attributes of Baba and meditate on His form. Let us pray the Master to give us the correct emotional and mental capabilities to enable us to understand Him and walk on the path shown by Him.

May Shri Sai Bless us all.

(A Message by Shri C. B. Satpathyji, New Delh, India)

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Then why does this comparison come to my mind as an unwanted visitor?  

Tujhicha upama tula baravi shobhate sajjana
Samartha guru sainatha puravi manovasana

Your excellence cannot have resemblance to any being other than you
May the Samarth (Powerful) Guru Sainath fulfil our desires

Shri Krishna Jogeswar Bhishma composed the above verse that is sung during Kakad arathi for Sri Sai.
If we compare the Guru with Brahma, or Harihar (MahaVishnu or Sadashiv), the Guru is mightier. Then why does this comparison come to my mind as an unwanted visitor? O Guru, your excellence cannot have resemblance to any being other than you. May the Samarth (Powerful) Guru Sainath fulfill our desires.

Then why does this comparison come to my mind as an unwanted visitor? 
This can be a question to anyone who considers himself as the child of Sai. Although most people call themselves as Baba’s children and consider Baba as their sole refuge, often people fall to the myth of the mental comparisons of Baba with others deities, saints, and incarnations, fueled by one’s religious background or other outward customs, conventions and compulsions.  This is akin to the peer pressure to do anything to get accepted by others. What is needed is the courage to stand alone and stand by one’s own experience with Baba.

People often go into raptures in praise of Baba and over how grand Baba is, as compared to other saints and deities. Is this necessary?  If one’s experience of Baba is so unique, something that never happened before with anyone else, shouldn’t that heighten the curiosity and open doors to new experiences with Baba and Baba alone?  Unfortunately, one’s first and unique experiences with Baba close to the heart gets contaminated with the cultural and religious milieu and what results is a politically correct “Sai devotee” rather than a fortunate being on a quick path to “realize” the magnificent glimpse of Sri Sai!

(Contributed by Sai devotee)

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Help To EndureSM – Initiative to help those enduring with hard times alone

Dear Readers,

Pain and suffering come uninvited, and nobody is immune to the perils of bad times. As we all lead our lives under Sri Sai’s benevolent gaze, we endure the hard times with the faith that help comes to us in different shapes and forms.

To illustrate a real situation, imagine the challenges of being an International student away from home.  On top of it imagine the cruel play of fate and being engulfed by a terminal illness with no major health coverage and under a pile of medical bills! Imagine one in prime youth, instead of being a ray of hope and joy to support retired parents, he himself needs support! Enduring all physical, emotional and financial pain, one continues to fight the disease against all odds. Such are the real stories of these Children of Sai  who are trying to survive a day at a time, struck by the dreaded disease like Cancer! Fighting cancer is difficult, prolonged, and expensive. It drains out all the resources one has!
When we see such a dire situation, it pains us, makes us feel thankful for what we have and it motivates us to do something.  When even the best medical care can’t provide cure in such a situation, what it is we can do?  We can Help To EndureSM by sharing our blessings through most generous gift we can give.
Help To EndureSM, raises money to fight cancer, to raise awareness of cancer in the community and help families endure in their fight against cancer; one family at a time.  It is a community-developed event run by volunteers.  All your contributions go towards activities supporting those fighting cancer.
We know there are many more men, women, and children who will seek our – and your – help.  The need is greater than ever. Please send your gift today.  Please spread this message.
For more information write to Help to EndureSM support team at

(Contributed by Sai Vichaar Team)

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