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If anyone utters ten words at us, let us answer with one word, if we reply at all - Shri Shirdi Sai


Saibaba.Org announces the start of Initiative to help those helplessly suffering all alone. Read more in the article below.  If you can help, plese contact us.

Upcoming Events:

Maha Kumbh in Allahabad continues this week.  The Kumbh mela, believed to be the largest relgious gathering on earth is held every twelve years on the banks of Sangam - the confluence of holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswathi. 

If you or someone you know is attending the Kumbh mela, then they can also have darshan of  Shri Sai at Shri Sainath camp in Kumbh. 

Mark your calendars for a day of prayer and service to Shri Sai.

Share your story and picture with other devotees by clicking here.

Prayer Club:

All Devotees

Due to the sheer volume of Prayer requests received every month, kindly note that Sai Vichaar will not be able to publish them all. Devotees are requested to submit your prayers either using the online Sai vichaar submission form or by email. All prayer requests are printed and offered at the feet of Shri Sainath. If you wish to receive Udhi prasad then you have to fill out the request form at Saibaba.Org or contact us by email.

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Devotees Say:

  • Rao

    It is a great pleasure and immensely wondered to see SAI VICHAAR in my mailbox to day. I am very much pleased that Sai Vichaar has been resumed to the delight of Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba devotees. I strongly believe that Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba blessed you to give this Gift to HIS Devotees in this New Year.

  • Ramesh

    I had prayed to Sainath as I was out of job and my wife\'s job was also not stable. My prayer had appeared in Sai Vichaar - issue dated 29th July 2011. We visited Shirdi on our wedding day-2nd Dec 2011 and spent the whole day in temple and premises. Also witnessed the chavadi procession that night. We had lunch from Prasadalya. The next morning-3rd Dec 2011 we went to Shani Shingnapur. On our return to our hotel room, I had seen 4 missed calls in my mobile. On checking the no, I found it was from a co manager where I attended interview on 29th Nov. My joy knew no bounds when he told me on my call that I have been selected for the job. This was a dream job for me. I am joining tomorrow. My wife was in tears when she got the news. We have been blessed by Sai. How kind and merciful is our SAI. He protected us always in bad times. We are ever indebted to HIM. His name will always be on our lips. OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.

  • Sai devotee

    As I promised to Baba, I am posting my heartfelt thanks to Baba. Baba helped us to overcome the most difficult situations in our life. Koti pranams Sai ma. Baba please help us the way you have been showing your blessings on our family. Jai SaiRam.


Devotees Experience:

  • Raghu

    It is nice to receive Sai Vichaar after a long lapse. Here is a miracle shown by our loving Sai. I lost my purse with money, driving license, vehicle license, insurance papers, etc. while returning home in my bike with my mother couple of days back. I realized this only after reaching home. Again we went back on the same road to try our luck, but could not locate it. My parents did not look much worried as both of them had a strong feeling that some one will find it and return to me. I got a phone call after about 5 hours of losing the purse from a stranger who got my phone number from the Insurance Paper and he introduced himself as a Islamic Gentleman- Mr. Yousuf who noticed the purse lying on the road and initially thought that the purse belonged to another person who was driving in front of him and followed that person a long way to realize that it was not his. This gentleman was nice to fix a venue for meeting, which happened to be near a Sai Temple and handed over the purse to me and asked me to be careful in future. I checked the contents of the purse and everything was in tact. He bid good-bye and I reached home and narrated what had happened. My Parents told me that the person who brought the lost purse is none one other than our beloved Sai. My Parents asked me to take all the money out from the purse and offer it to the nearest Sai Temple in their Hundi, which I did today. Thank you Sai for protecting me when I was a small child in the same road and now some 20 years later sending someone the lost purse on the same road.


Sai Activites:

Sri Shirdi Sai Temple of Chicago and Suburbs, Hampshire, Illinois, USA:

Sri Shirdi Sai temple is open daily from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m.(Summer hours). Daily program includes Kakad Arathi at 7 a.m. followed by Abhisek. Madhayana Arathi at 12 noon, Dhoop Arathi at 6 p.m. and Shej Arathi at 9 p.m. Archana, Homams, Sahasranama and sponsored poojas continue in between the Arathis. To request a pooja for yourselves, your friends and family, please call. Devotees can request water (Abhishek Jal) from the Holy bathing of Baba by sending us an email or by phone. Temple is located 25 minutes drive west of Schaumburg on intersection of IL Route 47 and Plank Road in Hampshire, IL. For more information please call 847-931-4058 or send email to

Sri Saibaba Mandir, Minneapolis, MN:

Sri Saibaba Mandir is located in Minneapolis, MN at 1835 Polk St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. The mandir is open 7 days a week in the evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and during morning hours from 9 am to 12:30 pm, everyday. Satsangs are conducted every Sunday mornings, 9 am to 12:30 pm. Please call 612-789-7729 for more information on mandir activities, events and other information.


Weekly Question:

  • Q. How do you see and experience Sri Saibaba in your daily life?

    I see Sri Sai as more than God. I feel that he is physically with me always and protecting me. I talk to Sri Sai all the time as if he is next to me. Some times, I even say something to Sai (like Thank you Sai etc) out loud and look at his picture while talking to him. I have had many experiences where I truly felt Baba\'s presence/blessings. I consider these to be miracles and feel very blessed to have Sai in my life. Whenever I am scared or worried or happy, I think of Sai. I am practicing to think of Sai all the time, sometimes Sai\'s chants are at the back of my mind like an audiotape running, even when I am at work or doing something else. I try to bring that to my conscience/fore front so I am consciously chanting his holy name. May Sai always be with us and protect us all!

  • Q. How do you see and experience Sri Saibaba in your daily life?

    KB Bharathi
    I feel Saibaba in every second of my routine. My life is a bundle of worries and experiences. I never harmed knowingly or unknowingly anyone in my life. If I did anything by chance, I used to worry myself for it. Even then I faced failures in my life utter failures and mishaps in my life for no fault of mine. But from every mishap I could recover and stand on myself just because of sairam\'s help, guidance, and continuous support. The only mistake I did was after one failure, though I felt sairam was warning not to do certain things, thinking that it is maya and not real, I did go for some attractions due to which I failed again and again in my life. Then I realized that it is not bhram but really Saibaba has been guiding me and I am not observing his warnings. Since then I never and never put his warning or guidance aside. I followed him and here I am able to lift my head and live happily. I can feel his words, his deeds, help and everything step to step in my daily life. I really love him a lots. I am happy and lucky to have his presence. Sai.... Tum bin aur nahin maa baap bhai.... You are my everything!!


Sai Vichaar

Behave properly; That's enough!

Those simple folk who didn't need any convincing about who Saibaba was, believed in the superior nature of Baba based on their own experiences, and spent their lives under His protective guidance. However, it was a question of immense curiosity for spiritual pundits those days to know what Baba stood for. Baba was not a teacher in a traditional sense, or a recluse like saints and sages usually are, nor was He vehement about any particular religious following, or other dogmatic codes. Those who had the intellectual inkling categorized Sri Sai's "teachings" into various schools of spiritual thoughts such as advaitha and other vedantic philosophies. Within Hindu milieu, He was verily seen as embodiment of various incarnations. While Baba spoke about His guru or teacher on several occasions, albeit in enigmatic allegories, Baba never proclaimed that He was a guru and never encouraged anyone to worship him as a god. Sai Baba left behind no organization, nor spiritual heirs and appointed no disciples, and did not even provide formal initiation to anyone.

People visited Saibaba to seek His blessings, and for finding solutions to their day-to-day problems of life. To those who sought Him for spiritual advice, Baba satisfied their quest in the most unique and practical way without giving scholarly sermons. One might be intrigued to know what Baba would have said about one's way of living, meaning what values and dharma should one follow in normal lives. Baba told Shama," What is our duty? Just behave properly. That's enough". He advised people to lead a moral life, with humility, and helping attitude, to have love towards every living being without any discrimination. Saibaba emphasized the importance of diligently performing one's duties without attachment to the benefits, and of being content regardless of the situation. A true Sai devotee should always remember what Baba would really like of them to do before embarking on other discussions or debates on Sai philosophy or lofty spiritual goals. True Bhakthi is to offer what the Master really wants rather than give Him something hearsay, however noble that might sound!

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Sri Saibaba as Avatar Rama

Sri Sai Baba was a saint of great importance. He is veritably an avatar of Sri Rama of Ayodhya who lived several thousands of years ago. Like Sri Ram, Sai Baba (called as Sairam by his followers) represented the apex or pinnacle of values such as Sathya (Truth) and Dharma (righteousness). He in fact announced to devotees when he was asked that his birthday was on Ram Navami - the birth day of Sri Rama. Sai's humility towards even the lowliest person mimics that of Rama's humility in accepting the lowly boatman Guhan as his own brother. Sai Baba, similarly, accepted the offerings of his devotees given with love - whatever their social status or caste was. The touch of Lord Rama's sacred feet gave salvation to Ahalya - who had turned to stone due to a curse. Similarly, Sai Baba's healing touches gave solace and healed long-time diseases of countless number of suffering devotees. Lord Rama's detachment towards worldly riches and kingdom saw an example in his renouncing his rights to the royal throne to keep up his father's promise. Similarly Sai Baba lived in an extremely old mosque 'Dwarakamayi', his home, even when he could have afforded to live a life of luxury given the large amounts of money devotees showered on him daily. Sai Baba also was true to his word and fulfilled many a devotee's sincere wishes at the right time. In one incident, Sai Baba appeared in bluish color as Lord Rama himself to a devotee, as per the devotee's own statement. Lord Rama's love towards all living creatures was followed by Sri Sai Baba also. Also, Lord Rama's 'Rama Raajya' - an often-quoted example of good governance was reflected again in Sri Sai Baba's righteous rule and divine governance in Shirdi also.

(Contributed by Sai devotee)

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Help To EndureSM – Initiative to help those enduring with hard times alone

Dear Readers,

Pain and suffering come uninvited, and nobody is immune to the perils of bad times. As we all lead our lives under Sri Sai’s benevolent gaze, we endure the hard times with the faith that help comes to us in different shapes and forms.

To illustrate a real situation, imagine the challenges of being an International student away from home.  On top of it imagine the cruel play of fate and being engulfed by a terminal illness with no major health coverage and under a pile of medical bills! Imagine one in prime youth, instead of being a ray of hope and joy to support retired parents, he himself needs support! Enduring all physical, emotional and financial pain, one continues to fight the disease against all odds. Such are the real stories of these Children of Sai  who are trying to survive a day at a time, struck by the dreaded disease like Cancer! Fighting cancer is difficult, prolonged, and expensive. It drains out all the resources one has!
When we see such a dire situation, it pains us, makes us feel thankful for what we have and it motivates us to do something.  When even the best medical care can’t provide cure in such a situation, what it is we can do?  We can Help To EndureSM by sharing our blessings through most generous gift we can give.
Help To EndureSM, raises money to fight cancer, to raise awareness of cancer in the community and help families endure in their fight against cancer; one family at a time.  It is a community-developed event run by volunteers.  All your contributions go towards activities supporting those fighting cancer.
We know there are many more men, women, and children who will seek our – and your – help.  The need is greater than ever. Please send your gift today.  Please spread this message or sign up to volunteer for this cause.
For more information write to Help to EndureSM support team at

(Contributed by Sai Vichaar Team)

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