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Baba never fasted Himself, nor did He allow others to do so. The mind of the faster is never at ease, then how could he attain his Paramartha (goal of life)? God is not attained on an empty stomach; first the soul has to be appeased. - Shri Sai Satcharita


Saibaba.Org announces the start of Initiative to help those helplessly suffering all alone. Read more in the article below.  If you can help, plese contact us.

Upcoming Events:

Vasant Panchmi is celebrated on Thursday Feb 14th with puja to Goddess of learning Maa Saraswati.

Mark your calendars for a day of prayer and service to Shri Sai.

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Prayer Club:

All Devotees

Due to the sheer volume of Prayer requests received every month, kindly note that Sai Vichaar will not be able to publish them all. Devotees are requested to submit your prayers either using the online Sai vichaar submission form or by email. All prayer requests are printed and offered at the feet of Shri Sainath. If you wish to receive Udhi prasad then you have to fill out the request form at Saibaba.Org or contact us by email.


Devotees Say:

  • Ameet

    Sai Baba, I have over come one of the difficulties in life thanks for your help!

  • Bhavana

    Baba blessed me on 9th day of Thursday vrat by sending his message that he is doing my work and see I got his blessing on Thursday. Thank you Saibaba you are my guru is always with me in my bad days.

  • Archana

    This happened last year. Once, one of my daughter's earrings was missing. She is only one and a half years old. She was unable to tell us where it fell. I searched the entire house but I was not able to find it. I prayed to Baba and asked him to help me. I was feeling very bad and was very guilty and was ashamed of my carelessness. I prayed that if I get back the earring I would post the experience in Sai vichar. When I was about to get up this morning I saw my husband standing in front of me with the earring. He found it in the back yard this morning. I was over joked really understood that strong faith will always lead us in to the right path. I really thank Baba and without his help I wouldn't have got back the earring love you Baba and I would always want you to be with us to guide us into the right path.


Devotees Experience:

  • Rajulamma

    My name Rajulamma. From Haryana. Here I am giving Baba miracles when I was working as a nursing tutor. My principal has given some work to me, it was going to Hyderabad nursing council and doing registration of our students. But I had zero knowledge about Hyderabad. I got tension but I have decided to do that work, hen I prayed Baba and started to go Hyderabad. I reached Hyderabad koti junction where nursing council office located but I don't know where is nursing GNM registration, then I was standing out side and searching I don't know to whom I should consult and I was remembering Shirdi Sai Baba after 5 minutes one old man came to me and he asked me who are you? From where your coming and what do you want? I said I came from VSKP for student registration but I don't know where is the block, then he said I will help you but I was not believing on him initially I said no but after that I accepted I thought he is one agent who do the work for money purpose, I thought after completion of my work I will give money. We started our work he completed my work within 1/2 hour, I was so surprised. After completion of work he said to me you wait here I will come within five minutes and he went out, I was waiting for 1 hour he did not come back I asked so many members where he has gone every one said that they don't know that person . Then I realized that he is none another MY SAD GURUVU SHIRIDI SAI BABA ......... I LOVE MY BABA HE SAVED ME

  • Pushpalata

    If I look back I see Sai Baba at every stage of my life. I am in USA married to my best friend, working in IT Company. I wanted to marry my best friend from my college and, it seemed highly impossible due to cast difference but our marriage happened like arranged marriage with the help of Baba. My husband's father was not at all accepting this marriage, after couple of years, all of sudden he accepted and we got married. Our H1b visa, job, car every thing Baba provided us with out any delay when I asked him these things. After marriage first thing I prayed was not to have kids till we are financially comfortable and Baba granted even that. After 4 years of married life we thought of having kids, this time again I prayed Baba but didn't happen right away? It was big shock as till time he granted me what ever I asked him with out any delay. First time in my life I felt like lost, meanwhile one of my friend showed me "Sai sathcharitha " book, I started reading (till this period I wasn't aware of this book!!) since then my curiosity to learn more about Baba increased, and I found few sites where Sai devotees are sharing their experiences, one of them is this site. My first task after going to work is to go through these sites, I also read Narsimha swami ji life story and Baba sayings written by him. Finally Baba blessed me with baby girl. I have been trying to lead life as per Baba's sayings, its very difficult but Baba is there to help me. Deva, please forgive my mistakes and please always be with us.


Sai Activites:

Sri Shirdi Sai Temple of Chicago and Suburbs, Hampshire, Illinois, USA:

Sri Shirdi Sai temple is open daily from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m.(Summer hours). Daily program includes Kakad Arathi at 7 a.m. followed by Abhisek. Madhayana Arathi at 12 noon, Dhoop Arathi at 6 p.m. and Shej Arathi at 9 p.m. Archana, Homams, Sahasranama and sponsored poojas continue in between the Arathis. To request a pooja for yourselves, your friends and family, please call. Devotees can request water (Abhishek Jal) from the Holy bathing of Baba by sending us an email or by phone. Temple is located 25 minutes drive west of Schaumburg on intersection of IL Route 47 and Plank Road in Hampshire, IL. For more information please call 847-931-4058 or send email to

Sri Saibaba Mandir, Minneapolis, MN:

Sri Saibaba Mandir is located in Minneapolis, MN at 1835 Polk St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. The mandir is open 7 days a week in the evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and during morning hours from 9 am to 12:30 pm, everyday. Satsangs are conducted every Sunday mornings, 9 am to 12:30 pm. Please call 612-789-7729 for more information on mandir activities, events and other information.

Sri Saibaba Mandir, Bay area, California:

Sri Shirdi Sai Parivaar is located at 1221 California Circle Milpitas, CA 95035 catering to devotees in San Francisco / San Jose / Bay Area / Silicon Valley. For activities information and other details please call : (408) 586-9012.


Weekly Question:

  • Q. Out of devotees of Sri Saibaba depicted in Sri Saibaba literature who do you like most and why?

    Out of devotees of Sri Saibaba depicted in Sri Saibaba literature I like Shama the most. Shama had heart of a child. Whatever he thought he spoke without considering the circumstances he was in. With Baba he behaved like a child just like a child would act in presence of his/her mother. I like this innocence in Shama. For Shama Baba and Dwarkamayi was everything, he did not feel the need of visiting Saptshringi Devi, his family deity, just because Baba was his whole world. I like this unconditional devotion and faith Shama had in Baba. Kirti

  • Q. Out of devotees of Sri Saibaba depicted in Sri Saibaba literature who do you like most and why?

    Here are many people who served Sai Baba when he lived in Shirdi. But not everyone served for same purpose. Some people in the darbar were assigned one job while others the remaining. Many examples can be quoted. As everyone knew, only Taatya, Mahalsapathi and Lakshmibhai Shinde are allowed to Dwarakamaayi during night times. Similarly Radhakrishna aayi used to have the remnants of food (Bhuktasesha) after being had by Baba. How can anyone forget the all time favorite of Baba - Shyaama alias Madhavarao Deshpande. Baba had a special consideration for Shyaama because they carry relationship since 72 births (Bahattar janmon ka bandhan). Bapusaheb Booty is yet another great person. Being a crorepathi himself his intense desire to serve the poor and needy is apprehensive. His construction \"Bootiwada\" the present Samadhimandir is the place where Baba breathed last. The place was actually meant to lay the statue of Sri Krishna. Another great devotee is Bapusaheb Jog who served Baba giving aarathi in masjid and chaavadi till Baba\'s Mahasamadhi. Nanasaheb Chaandorkar\'s pride was suppressed by Baba during a debate with regard to Bhagavadgita sloka. For all this we should first bow our heads to Hemadpant for offering us \"Sri Sai Satcharithra\". When I first read the book I thought why only these people had the wonderful opportunity of serving Sai?? But now I completely agree that their dedication, devotion and patience made their names fixed in the history. SADGURU SRI SAI NATHAARPANA MASTU..SUBHAM BHAVATU

  • Q. Out of devotees of Sri Saibaba depicted in Sri Saibaba literature who do you like most and why?

    The only character in the Sai satcharita for whom Sai Baba is like a GURU, FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER is SHYAMA.and this is the character I like the most. Even Shyamaji reacts like a close friend to Baba and every time they fight like kids for small things. This shows how much Baba likes his devotees and his love towards his devotees just cannot be explained in words to be publishes here. Only when we surrender to him we can experience his true love.


Sai Vichaar

The Role of Sadguru

Once upon a time, a teacher by name of Paramanandam lived in a small village. He was a married person with a wife and children. He had ten students under him. These students were very naive and used to behave in foolish way. Most of the time, they used to misinterpret the teacher's words and they used to create confusing situations. The teacher knew their defects and always tried to help them. Days were passing on like this. One day, a difficult, problematic situation had cropped up. The problem was that the ten students had to cross a river to go to the other side. The teacher told them all the precautions to cross the river safely. The ten students, by holding hands together, crossed the river and went to the other side. Then suddenly, they got a doubt that someone in them was missing. So, they wanted to count each other. They selected a person among themselves to do the counting. The person who did the counting (he did not include himself in the counting) counted only nine people. This situation created tension amongst them. Another one was selected to do the counting; he also repeated the same mistake as the first one did. He also reconfirmed that only nine people were left. Now, it became clear for them that one among them was drowned in the river. They felt very sad. They started crying loudly for the lost one. A passenger going by listened to their cries. He went near and asked them about their problem. They explained to him the situation. This passenger was an intelligent person. He understood their foolishness completely. He asked the ten students to stand in a line. He started counting them one by one until he counted the tenth person. The students felt very happy and thanked the passenger.

In this story, even though there is a tenth person, because of ignorance, the presence of that person could not be appreciated. Then, the teacher who came as a passenger (teachings of the teacher) showed them that the tenth person was present. The consequence of ignorance is two-fold. It makes us not to appreciate the real and also makes us to misinterpret the real. A Guru is essential for us to bring us out of the darkness of ignorance. The Guru makes us to experience the 'Real' in a clear way. The Grace of our Sri Sai who is a perfect master and a mother that knows the real needs of her children blesses all of us.

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On 18th March 2012 morning a few young boys started pelting stones on the Pigeons. They normally do this on Sundays i.e. they hit the Pigeons and when they fall they carry them home and cook and eat them. One Pigeon just fell inside our Compound. We gave shelter to the bird. Gave Water, grams etc. and started taking care of the bird. In the evening my husband and nephew carried the bird in a basket to Veterinary Hospital, got it treated. As the bird was very badly hit in its wings, even after 24 hours it could not fly. We tried out best giving medicines but on Tuesday i.e. 20-3-2012 around 7.30 a.m. the bird passed away. The bird was given a good funeral in the open yard. Around 8.30 a.m. my husband fell sick and by evening he was admitted in the hospital. He vomited blood. Doctors attending on him and said that an ULCER has been formed in the stomach and it burst inside and hence he vomited blood. After two days, he came home. We felt he is improving but on 30th morning in the wee hours again he vomited blood and we had to call an ambulance and we rushed him to hospital. He was in a critical condition. The doctors attended on him immediately and slowly he started improving and on 5th April 2012 he was discharged. On 10/4/2012 we visited the hospital again and the doctor certified that he is fine. Lord Yamadharmaj visited my house on 20th but Baba sent a Pigeon and saved my husband's life. Again Lord Yamadharmaraj visited my house on 30th but it was BABA who gave my son and me so much courage and mental strength that we rushed him immediately to hospital and he survived. BABA always says that BELIVE IN ME, I WILL CROSS SEVEN SEAS AND COME TO YOUR RESCUE. I ALWAYS BELIEVE IN HIM AND EVERY MINUTE HE IS WITH ME AND HE PROVED ONCE AGAIN BY SAVING MY HUSBAND'S LIFE. I have surrendered heart and soul to HIM and he takes care of me and my family at all times. All true devotees of BABA will understand the turmoil we underwent during the 17days of my husband's critical ill health and how BABA stood by us and answered our PRAYERS.

(Contributed by Sai devotee JANAKEE SUBRAMANIAN)

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Help To EndureSM – Initiative to help those enduring with hard times alone

Dear Readers,

Pain and suffering come uninvited, and nobody is immune to the perils of bad times. As we all lead our lives under Sri Sai’s benevolent gaze, we endure the hard times with the faith that help comes to us in different shapes and forms.

To illustrate a real situation, imagine the challenges of being an International student away from home.  On top of it imagine the cruel play of fate and being engulfed by a terminal illness with no major health coverage and under a pile of medical bills! Imagine one in prime youth, instead of being a ray of hope and joy to support retired parents, he himself needs support! Enduring all physical, emotional and financial pain, one continues to fight the disease against all odds. Such are the real stories of these Children of Sai  who are trying to survive a day at a time, struck by the dreaded disease like Cancer! Fighting cancer is difficult, prolonged, and expensive. It drains out all the resources one has!
When we see such a dire situation, it pains us, makes us feel thankful for what we have and it motivates us to do something.  When even the best medical care can’t provide cure in such a situation, what it is we can do?  We can Help To EndureSM by sharing our blessings through most generous gift we can give.
Help To EndureSM, raises money to fight cancer, to raise awareness of cancer in the community and help families endure in their fight against cancer; one family at a time.  It is a community-developed event run by volunteers.  All your contributions go towards activities supporting those fighting cancer.
We know there are many more men, women, and children who will seek our – and your – help.  The need is greater than ever. Please send your gift today.  Please spread this message or sign up to volunteer for this cause.
For more information write to Help to EndureSM support team at

(Contributed by Sai Vichaar Team)

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